365 Catch-Up Days 90, 91 & 92

Project 365 // Day 90 v2.0

90/365 v2.0

At my son’s birthday sleepover one of his friends hams it up for the camera.

Six 11ish boys + a ‘sleep’over = not much sleep.

Project 365 // Day 91 v2.0

91/365 v2.0

First of four Little League games I will get to (weather permitting) this week. Working evenings is no fun during Little League season, I am going to enjoy this week off.

Project 365 // Day 92 v2.0

92/365 v2.0

Matching socks can often turn into an even that makes D-Day look like a picnic.

0 thoughts on “365 Catch-Up Days 90, 91 & 92

  1. You are good sports for hosting the sleepover. I tend to get very cranky about the very idea, and whenever one of the kids asks, I remind them that friends don’t let friends sleep over.
    Looks like you’re hitting all the highlights on your week off, though!

    christines last blog post..Solomon’s Seal


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