Lifeline (100/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 100 v2.0

100/365 v2.0

I was on a “stay at home and do nothing” vacation last week. What I did do is see five little league games and watch a ton of NBA and NHL playoffs. Throw in the Red Sox and I was in heaven.

This week I am back to work. Working evenings. Working during games.

Thankfully I can listen to the radio while working. This old school (my wife’s actually) Walkman is my ace in the hole. My cell phone has a FM tuner built in and I use it often, but to get the sports you need AM.

Tonight, I was switching between the Bruins, Celtics and Sox. The Bruins forced a game 7, the Celts pulled of a more than improbable comeback after being down 14 points with eight minutes to play, and the Sox, well they are still playing as I write this up. (c’mon Pap, close it out!!)

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