Lions… Lions? Are You Sure About That Choice?

There’s a local Christian liberal arts college that has been using Crusaders as the school’s mascot from day one. Turns out now they now feel that Crusaders may not present a loving Christian image. After all, Crusaders were warmongers, warmongers fighting in the name of God, but warmongers nonetheless.

As such the school decided to change its mascot. Fair enough. Now, what to choose, what to choose…..

Do you go with something still evoking some sort of Christian image?

Knights? Well maybe to close to Crusaders.

Saints? Not sure if the Nazarene Church recognizes saints.

Disciples? Too hokey? 

Maybe something relating to the awesome power of God’s creations?

Fire, Thunder, Lightning? Maybe.

Maybe the good old standby… an animal?

Sure. Lets’ see…

How about

Bears, Eagles, Cougars, Proboscis Monkeys? Oh, WAIT! I got it…



Oh, wait. Weren’t Christians FED TO THE LIONS?

Seriously though, I don’t think they needed to change, but even with the Romans feeding Christians to the lions thing it’s an OK choice. You have the whole Bible story about Daniel safe in the den of lions, and St. Jerome who translated the Bible into Latin was supposedly kept safe by watch-lions. So I’ll let it go. But I do have to say the first thing that jumped into my head was the whole Christian Eating thing.


Good luck with the new name ENC.

0 thoughts on “Lions… Lions? Are You Sure About That Choice?

  1. I love, LOVE the American tradition of naming sports teams.

    I even have a slowly growing collection of sports team t-shirts from obscure (to us) college teams and the like.


  2. I used to live in the ENC neighborhood, and I know they are well-meaning… but when I read that in the paper this morning, Christian-eating lions was the first thing that came to mind.


  3. Hey. I toured ENC as a potential college choice when I was a teenager. Didn’t end up going there but it was a beautiful campus.

    Yeah, I don’t think I would have gone with Lions either. Plus I’m thinking of all the money wasted on the game shirts and hats, etc.. and now if you’re a supporter, you have to buy all new gear. Maybe its a money gimmick. lol


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