0 thoughts on “Sit On It! (103/365 v2.0)

  1. I put the beer calories in my left butt cheek.

    12:44am here. I am up listening to Aussie Rules Football and watching the Red Sox (they are in Seattle)


  2. And I, sir, am the polar opposite. Bi all the way. The tri-fold is entirely too bulky and hence uncomfortable on my delicate buttocks. Dude, if you’ve got that much to put in a wallet–just get a murse!


  3. Good thing you posted a pic, or my imagination runneth all over the place re: bi/tri/folds and whatnot!

    haven’t been by in a long time, can’t believe I forgot all your wonderful videos of yore….happy bloghoppin’


  4. Reminds me of mine. Packed to the gills with everything from my club cards, to spare keys. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why my lower back acts up on me!


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