Well, I Guess I Have My Answer In Some Fashion

Back on February 23 I asked of the photo below, “Brilliance or Bollocks?“, yesterday I got my answer.

21/365 v2.0

I entered the photo into boston.com’s monthly amateur photo contest for the month of April. The theme? “April Showers”. I took FIRST PLACE.

I had entered several of boston.com’s monthly contests in the past and had made the final 50 a few times, but this was the first time I so much as placed in the top 10.

The contest is a hybrid public vote/judged competition. Final call is made by the judge. Here’s what this month’s judge Isa Leshko had to say about my entry…

“This image is all about breaking the rules of conventional photography and, in fact, feels more like a painting than a photograph. By not treating the subject matter too literally, the photographer created an atmospheric and moody image. This image reminds me of the work of Mark Yankus, who created impressionistic images of New York City at twilight.

“You might also be inspired by the work of Jeri Eisenberg, who is represented by Lanoue Fine Art on Newbury Street in Boston, and Nicholas Hughes’ Verse 1 series of images.

“I encourage this photographer to continue experimenting with this approach to image-making. But I also want to offer a word of caution: Like any technique or photographic process, the use of blur can become a gimmick. Ask yourself when editing your work whether the image is dramatic purely because it’s blurry. If the answer is yes, push yourself harder. Mind you, I grapple with this very issue when making images with toy cameras, which create very distinctive visual artifacts.”

The judge is announced after all entries are in, so I can’t claim any wisdom here, but I think I had the right image for the contest based who was making the calls. Not that I don’t like the photo I submitted – I have come to really be fond of it – but it was a perfect fit in this case.

I pick up $100.00 for my efforts, and can now tout myself as an ‘award winning photographer’ – that and two bucks will get me on the T. The cash will go to the credit card company post haste as I am still making payments on the camera!

0 thoughts on “Well, I Guess I Have My Answer In Some Fashion

  1. Wow, congratulations! 🙂

    I like your photo quite a lot, a few but bold colors and the shadowed parts giving a direction and a sense of movement to the whole picture.

    Thank you for stopping by at my blog and commenting 🙂 it is certainly reassuring to hear that someone else has similar problems.



    Hopefully you can add teaching to your blogging efforts (because we know you have nothing else going on in your life). I would love to know your techniques on so many of your wonderful photos.


  3. Wow, some of these folks actually think you know what you’re doing! Just kidding. Congrats. I liked many of your pieces as much as this one, especially the pink crayon! Thanks for forwarding the links!

    Pat Riddle


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