Listen To Smokey (113/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 113 v2.0

113/365 v2.0

Took in our town’s Memorial Day parade today. Vantage point? Front of the fire station. This sign was hanging on the wall of said fire station. Loved the color and the texture.

Oh, and here’s a bonus photo seeing it was Memorial Day. Taken by my 9 year old…

year2day113 065

0 thoughts on “Listen To Smokey (113/365 v2.0)

  1. your 9 yr old has great talent….i think that’s an excellent photo…beats my flag photo, for sure!

    i have a special bond with smokey…i have my dad’s smokey from when he was a toddler (he was killed 6 yrs ago)…he’s missing his hat & some fur, but i love him all the same!


  2. 9-year-old, huh? Seems like they already have a career a head of them. Was this picked out by the nine-year-old or did you tell them what to shoot? If it was the young one’s choice they have a knack for picking a good shot. I know you will encourage this in the future! Regards!


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