By The Time I Got Home (114/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 114 v2.0

114/365 v2.0

First off, holey moley – do I need to mop!!

I got a call at work yesterday afternoon from my wife telling me that Lara fell from the swings and hit her head on a retaining wall on the backside of the play area. She had a pretty nasty gash on the back of her head and it probably needed stitches or staples (seconded by a neighbor who is a nurse). My wife was leaving the other kids with said neighbor/nurse and heading to get Lara some medical attention.

I headed home to make sure everybody else was cool and to make sure that people go to where they had to be for Little League etc. Once I got word from my wife the they were on the way home I headed back to work leaving the other kids in the capable hands of Grandma who had since arrived.

Turned out that they just glued Lara’s head back together with surgical adhesive.

By the time I got home for the second time pretty much the only pieces of evidence of the event were some blood droplets near the kitchen sink where triage was done.

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