In Stitches (121/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 121 v2.0

121/365 v2.0

No, not those kind of stitches.  Look closely, you can see the marks left by the stitches of a baseball.

John was hit by a pitch on Monday night. A pitch thrown by the hardest throwing kid in the league. As he tells the story Mom had to be held off the field. As she tells it she was never going to set foot on the field even after being prodded by the other moms (and one of his teammates). I have corroboration for Mom’s side of it.

John stayed in the game (he’s nothing if not a gamer) and the Dodgers went on to beat the Phillies in a darkness shortened game to take over sole possession of second place. One more game tonight against the third place team. Win and 2nd is theirs, lose and they have to hope the Phillies beat the Mets tomorrow. Either way it’s been a good season and we are roarin’ and ready for the playoffs!

Even better… I have next week off so I am hoping to see some playoff action.

Standings going into tonight…

Marlins 15 11 4 0.733
Dodgers 15 9 6 0.600 2
Mets 14 8 6 0.571 2.5
Athletics 15 8 7 0.533 3
Phillies 14 6 8 0.429 4.5
Giants 15 6 9 0.400 5
Mariners 14 3 11 0.214 7.5

0 thoughts on “In Stitches (121/365 v2.0)

  1. Chicks dig scars ( and bruises).

    I feel bad for any other team named after the Mariners, they always play just as bad as our team.


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