Crane Windows (143/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 143 v2.0

143/365 v2.0

Was a misty murky night as I left work last night so I though it might be a cool night to go see if I could find a nighttime shot. I went to Quincy Center and walked up to the Thomas Crane Library.

Took a bunch of shots and took a bunch more to do an HDR image, but was really unhappy with most everything. The sky was just not conducive to an HDR treatment, looked totally otherworldly. So I cropped one down and here you go. It’ll do.

I think I will return some clearer night.

My son, who chose which photo to use, thinks I should have named the post “Haunted Library” The photo he didn’t choose is below…

year2day143 023_4_5

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