“S” Is For Squeaky Clean Sensor. Oh, Wait Or Is It For Sucka (166/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 166 v2.0

166/365 v2.0 (1) (by Pat Glennon)

166/365 v2.0 (1 zoom) (by Pat Glennon)

Since I got my camera back at the start of the year I have taken over 12,ooo photos with it. I’ve been a busy boy. Many of those 12,000 never made it off the camera, many never made it past a first look on the computer. Some have made it here, some have gotten printed and I hope to show them at some point in a small local exhibition.

The thing is, if you take 12,000 photos in a little over three months with a camera with a detachable lens, your camera is going to get dust in it.

I have been thinking for weeks that I really needed to get my camera cleaned. Friday I finally went and did so.

I took my camera to C&J Camera Shop in Hanson, MA. I was pleased to learn that my camera could be cleaned in a matter of hours. I explained that there seemed to be one particularly nasty foreign object on the mirror or sensor. This is what you see in the above photos. I took this photo just before dropping of my camera for cleaning. The original and then a crop to show what seemed to be a very small hair or something similar.

The woman at the store was very pleasant and I left my camera and went along my merry way.

When the call came my camera was done I picked it up and was excited to have a clean tool once more. I took a shot of the sky in the parking lot…

166/365 v2.0 (2) (by Pat Glennon)

Reviewing the shot on the small screen on the camera I was pleased, the nasty bugger that had plagued my photos for weeks was gone. I decided there and then that the photo I took after getting my camera cleaned would be my “S”. I had a “S”queaky clean sensor.

That night when I transferred the photo to my computer I was stunned.

166/365 v2.0 (2 zoom) (by Pat Glennon)

I am not sure if it’s the same hair (or whatever it is) or not, but something is still there. Whats more…


I am pretty sure that when you spend $40.00 to have your camera cleaned it should NOT come back dirtier than before.

I brought my camera back today and it seems that the sole individual that cleans cameras at C&J Camera Shop went on vacation and won’t be back for 10 days.

I will be taking my camera somewhere else this week and I will be expecting a full refund from C&J when the cleaning lady returns.

In C&J’s defense…

I shoot in RAW, an uncompressed file format. It provides greater flexibility and better quality. Problem is you need to install updates on your computer in order to view .NEF files (Nikon’s version of RAW is NEF).

Perhaps C&J, being a proper camera shop, should be able to view .NEF files on their computers and not be limited to checking their cleaning work only on the camera’s small screen. Perhaps C&J should have been sharp enough to change the settings temporarily from RAW to JPG.

No matter, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that if they had been able to see the results of the ‘cleaning’ I would not have picked up my camera in the state it is in currently.

I will update as things unfold.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, this is my second time out doing skywatch Friday (I just got lazy and didn’t post it until Saturday).


0 thoughts on ““S” Is For Squeaky Clean Sensor. Oh, Wait Or Is It For Sucka (166/365 v2.0)

  1. Get the lenspen sensor cleaner and do it yourself. It’s pretty easy once you get over the initial fear of ruining the camera. Seriously, google “lenspen sensor cleaner” and get one.


  2. I have not gotten up the nerve to clean the camera myself, either…although, I’d like to someday soon. When it gets bad, I take it down to Larry at Noble’s in HIngham Square…he’s their lens cleaning guy & store mgr. I’ve gotten same-day service, you might just call ahead to make sure he’s in & has time.
    Until then, yay for photoshop!
    .-= christine´s last blog ..Tiger Lily =-.


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