In-Camera Abstracts (221/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 221 v2.0

year2day221 001 (by Pat Glennon)year2day221 003 (by Pat Glennon)
year2day221 005 (by Pat Glennon)year2day221 007 (by Pat Glennon)
year2day221 011 (by Pat Glennon)year2day221 018 (by Pat Glennon)
year2day221 021 (by Pat Glennon)year2day221 023 (by Pat Glennon)
year2day221 025 (by Pat Glennon)year2day221 028 (by Pat Glennon)
year2day221 029 (by Pat Glennon)year2day221 032 (by Pat Glennon)

(clicking on each of the 12 photos will bring you to the flickr page where you can see it a bit larger)


I try very hard to commit to one shot  being the photo for the day, and I will eventually call one of these 12 ‘THE” photo for September 10, but I had to post them all.

All of these shots are of the same subject.

These shots are something I might not have come up with if not for the push that I received from a post at All the members over there were urged to try an in-camera abstract today.

I won’t tell you how I did them, not yet at least. I will say that the last one is the least abstract of the bunch and could clue you in to what my subject was. Again all 12 shots are of the same thing.

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