Lunch With Bobby & Ty (251/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 251 v2.0

251/365 v2.0 (by Pat Glennon)

Had lunch Saturday afternoon at the new The Four’s in Norwell. Was quite good. The place looks great and the food was very good.

The section of the dining room we were in had portraits of all time greats from all sports adorning the wood paneled walls.  There was a section a little further down the wall with Bobby Orr, Bill Russell and Ted Williams looking on, but there was a family eating right near there so I didn’t want to bug them with my camera.

I had a Gorgonzola Burger: 1/2 pound burger with Melted Gorgonzola cheese, Applewood smoked bacon and portabella mushroom with balsamic glaze. Gorgonzola is such a good cheese!

0 thoughts on “Lunch With Bobby & Ty (251/365 v2.0)

  1. Papelbon’s portrait was defaced, torn down, set on fire, and tossed in the dumpster before the dessert menu was brought out.


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