Stone v. Dogfish Head (258/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 258 v2.0

258/365 v2.0 (by Pat Glennon)

There is new(ish) ownership of a local package store and he’s been doing some good things. He’s been donating a portion of profits to local causes and has been doing a weekly wine and beer tasting. Sure, some of the larger stores do tastings, but this is a smaller store and it’s very good to see the effort.

Tonight was an East Coast v. West Coast IPA showdown. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA v. Stone IPA. Honestly can there really be a loser with a beer contest? Everybody wins!!

He’s also using social media to help reach existing and new customers. I wish him well.

If you are local, swing by and support the little guy. Drive past Luke’s and head over to Bob’s One Stop.

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