Boogers, & Bummer & WTF? (263, 264 & 265/365)

Project 365 // Day 263 v2.0

263/365 v2.0 (by Pat Glennon)

I was already going to get it cleaned, but having a three year old sneeze into my camera while I was inspecting the innards pretty much sealed the deal!

Project 365 // Day 264 v2.0

264/365 v2.0 (by Pat Glennon)

How did you spend your Friday night? I bet you win.

Project 365 // Day 265 v2.0

265/365 v2.0 (by Pat Glennon)

I picked up my beer and look what was under the pint glass! Awesome. Only had my phone with me at the time (the camera was in the trunk of the car and I couldn’t be bothered to go get it. Gotta upload this one to WTFace.

Just 100 days left in my second year of posting a photo a day!

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