Culprit (347/365 v2.0)

Project 365 // Day 347 v2.0

347/365 v2.0 (by Pat Glennon)

Our computer has been acting up in the last several days. Took the graphics card out and we’re running on the on-board graphics now. Things are better now.

This macro photo of the troublesome card was taken with my Nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens reversed (hand held as I don’t have a reversing ring). It was fun playing with the lens reversed. I might have to spend the few bucks to get a ring so I don’t have to hold the lens in place.

0 thoughts on “Culprit (347/365 v2.0)

  1. I know zero about cameras and lenses, but I’m guessing it’s like when you hold the binoculars backwards and get the opposite effect.

    Using a lens designed to focus on far away things backwards will allow you to focus on small things from very close.


  2. Hey! I was just talking to a friend on Friday and he mentioned the reverse ring. I had no idea what he was talking about. But then I come here for a visit and you are showing an example of doing reverse. Very interesting! I might need to try this!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We’re enjoying our PS3, which by the way, was bought for my DH. 42 year old boy at heart. I’m using it though for movies. We have Netflix and you can get a disc from them, pop it in the PS3 and watch the movies you can normally watch instantly on your computer, through your TV. Love that feature!


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