The Enemy (16/365 year 3)

Project 365 // Day 16, year 3

16/365 year 3 (by Pat Glennon)

I am a Coke guy. Always have been a Coke guy. When drinking non-diet I would NEVER choose Pepsi over Coke. I have found however that I don’t mind Diet Pepsi.

Took this about 2:00am right before turning in for the night. The case of Diet Pepsi was sitting on the kitchen island and the light coming in through the handle in the top caught my eye. Good thing too as I hadn’t taken any shots at all up t0 that point.

0 thoughts on “The Enemy (16/365 year 3)

  1. ahhh the old pepsi vs coke. I am a pepsi fan and recently 3 of us took some plastic bottle cokes and pepsis from our respective parts of the us and canada and had a good old time doing a comparison. the conclusion they are realy really close coke has more carbonization in them though. the big difference was in the differences between just the cokes and just the pepsis WOW canadian soda is a lot sweeter.


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