What Is It? (25/365 year 3) & A CONTEST!

Project 365 // Day 25, year 3

25/365 year 3 (by Pat Glennon)

Had planned on doing a bunch of things in close up to see if I could come up with an interesting and challenging what is it type post. I got fairly interesting, but I fear this is way to challenging.

Now to make this interesting, anybody who correctly guesses what it is will have their name but into the drawing and the winner will win a 5×7 print from those that I currently have in my inventory. If nobody gets it right then I will choose the best responses to get a chance to win.

Remember it was shot inside my house on Friday. You probably have something similar in your house.

I’ll leave the contest open for a week, and will draw the winner next Sunday night.

0 thoughts on “What Is It? (25/365 year 3) & A CONTEST!

  1. They are not coils. They are springs. Those shafts they surround must move within the red bit. The lack of focus disguises it. I would have to say it is some weirdo sex toy gadget. What else could it be? You should be ashamed of yourself!


  2. Your house is earthquake proofed. These coils are found beneathe the foundation and cushion the house during an earthquake so that the house moves with the vibration of the quaking thus minimizing damage.


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