Storm Drain (41/365 year 3)

Project 365 // Day 41, year 3

41/365 year 3 (by Pat Glennon)

We have seen about 10 inches of rain over the last few days. This storm drain near our house was all gunked up with leaves causing it to whirlpool down. I set the camera up on a tripod and used a 2 second exposure to capture the motion of the water.

Here’s the same shot with a more traditional 1/160th second exposure.

year3day41 003 (by Pat Glennon)

I cleaned out the drain with a lawn rake and now the water is running down as it should.

0 thoughts on “Storm Drain (41/365 year 3)

  1. Nice way to handle our rainy situation! I really like how the slow exposure shows movement. Very cool. I’ve been avoiding the rain altogether but late today I captured an interesting perspective. It just may end up as tomorrow’s shot!


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