Check Out Australian Rules Football!

This rare non-photo post comes as I have learned that ESPN2 will be a live Australian Football League game with weekend!

You can catch the  Carlton Blues take on the Hawthorn Hawks Saturday into Sunday. Coverage will start at Midnight Eastern and run until about 3:00am Sunday morning.

Neither is the team I support (I go for the Western Bulldogs) but I am still very excited.

ESPN has been airing about three matches a week via the web on ESPN3 (formerly called ESPN360), but this is the first regular season, or “home and away season” as it is called in Australia, match-up on either of the two ESPN big boys since the 1980’s.

Last year’s Grand Final, the championship game, was on ESPN Classic, and that was great, but Classic doesn’t have the reach that ESPN2 has.

I am hoping that this great game gets some good exposure and maybe a few new fans from this broadcast and that ESPN will keep adding to the AFL television schedule.

So catch a nap on Saturday afternoon, and stay up to watch the footy!

Here’s a couple of videos to give you a taste.

This is a promo from last season. A fun take at how Aussie Rules might compare to other sports.

This highlight package will give you an idea of how exciting it can be.

Oh and ladies, plenty of eye candy with those tight shorts and tank tops, so I expect you to be watching too!

0 thoughts on “Check Out Australian Rules Football!

  1. Ok, I’m interested! I’ll admit, I clicked on your video links only after the promise of eye candy… But, that looks amazing! What is up with the move where they basically climb up on other players’ shoulders to grab the ball out of the air? No pads, no helmets! Makes American football look wimpy. Also, I’m a sucker for a little AC/DC… 🙂


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