0 thoughts on “Soaking Up The Sun (149/365 year 3)

  1. thanks guys.

    there are days when the act of daily photography really pays off. this was one of them. no way I would have had this shot if I wasn’t compelled to shoot.

    A bit miffed at my composition though, had to crop a bit to make it work, would have rather had a standard aspect ratio as opposed to the nearly square shot I wound up with.

    Still very pleased with it though.


  2. See! that’s why I didn’t post it right away. I wasn’t sure of the flower. I Meant to ask my wife (for the bazillionth time) last nigth what we had out front so I wouldn’t get it wrong but forgot to. However, I didn’t want to start falling behind again so I went with my gut. My gut was wrong.


  3. That is one stunner of a shot, Pat! I’ve been playing a bit lately as well with sun beams but haven’t yet looked at my shots (I was at a local cemetery with an idea for a July 4th posting). Not sure if it will pan out, but shots like yours tell me it is possible! Great job!

    P.S. and Yes, had you visited my site earlier you would have avoided your flower id mis-step! 😉


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