The (not-so) Downward Spiral (197/365 year 3)

Project 365 // Day 197, year 3

197/365 year 3

A cranky back, falling behind in posting, and just a general sense of blahs had my photography in a rut (that was located in my kitchen right in front of the fridge). I hadn’t really been looking at the world with a photographer’s eye, and pretty much phoned in the last several days of photos.

While nothing earth-shattering, this photo from Tuesday the 17th was a nice change. A shot that I was really pleased with.

We had been back to school shopping the weekend before and all the spiral notebooks were stacked on the dining room table. I straightened up the stack and took a number of shots using varying depth of field, angle, exposure etc etc. Gave this one a conversion to black and white and tweaked the contrast and clarity and wound up pretty happy with it.

Out of my funk. Probably helped that my back was feeling better too.

0 thoughts on “The (not-so) Downward Spiral (197/365 year 3)

  1. Nice one!
    WIth the 365, I’ve found that if you keep pushing through the funk, eventually, something pleasing happens in your photos. Of course, it helps to not have back pain, too. I’ve seen enough of that to know how it can affect your whole outlook — take care!


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