Vintage Base Ball On Georges Island (208/365 year 3)

Project 365 // Day 208, year 3

208/365 year 3

On Saturday August 28 we took the harbor ferry out to Georges Island in Boston Harbor. There we were cranks (or spectators) at a vintage base ball (yes, back then it was two words) game the Essex Base Ball club put on against some DCR rangers.

The game was held on the parade grounds of Fort Warren, a very fitting place for a game of base ball played using 1861 rules.

After the game against the rangers they club let some of those watching join in. My boys got a big kick out of playing the old time game. The rest of my shots from the day out are on my Flickr photostream.

0 thoughts on “Vintage Base Ball On Georges Island (208/365 year 3)

  1. That’s not vintage baseball. If you want to see vintage baseball and teach your kids about vintage baseball, show them some footage of the Big Red Machine playing vintage baseball. That is baseball the way it is supposed to be played. We played baseball the right way. That was vintage baseball. No one before and no one since has played vintage baseball like The Big Red Machine. All these other eras are pretenders. Sparky, Tony, Johnny, Pete, and especially me – that was vintage baseball. The 1975-76 Reds, that’s what I mean when I talk about vintage baseball.


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