Oops I Did It Again (256/365 year 3)

Project 365 // Day 256, year 3

256/365 year 3

For the most part I am pretty good about keeping track of what day number I am on in the project. Once in a while I get behind on posting the photos I have to take special care to make sure I don’t stuff it up. Usually I get it right.


Well, back at the end of last month I posted two day 237’s.

Didn’t realize it until tonight.

I printed out a calendar and ran the numbers. I was pretty happy that I only had to back track about 20 days to fix my error.

I discovered it because I am fast approaching day 1000. I was curious as to what day it would fall on and when I projected my posts out I got a different day as what timeanddate.com calculated I knew something was up.

For the record. October 28 will be day 1000.

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