“No!” (258/365 year 3)

Project 365 // Day 258, year 3

year3day258 004

You thought you were safe when I forgot to publish a self on the 9th of the month as has become my custom.  You were not. Just a few days without my face frightening your small children and animals.

It is sorta cool how if you look in the reflection of my eyes you can see me holding the camera out (didn’t use a tripod this month) in the larger version. You can also see how I lit the shot. My favorite lighting source.

I need to get more imaginative on next month’s self portrait though. Any ideas? I make no promises, but if you have a good idea I might try it out.

0 thoughts on ““No!” (258/365 year 3)

  1. Aaaaahhhh! You certainly don’t need a costume for Halloween! Just kidding Pat 🙂 The last self-portrait I posted was much scarier. Maybe you could do something along these lines, yes… pushing the boundaries. Although I have no vested interest in seeing you naked, ever.


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