A Million Words (269/365 year 3)

Project 365 // Day 269, year 3

year3day269 018

By the time I thought of the idea of shooting a followup to day one I couldn’t shoot the same shot as the light was wrong at the location I started out on back on 2/2/2008.

Forgive the stream of consciousness type post that follows…

If you had told me back on February 2, 2008 that I would still be shooting and posting a daily photo each and every day some 1000 days later I probably would have laughed out loud. Yet, here we stand 1000 days later and I have done just that.

When I first decided to start a “Project 365”, I did it as a lark. I wasn’t a photographer. I didn’t know if I would last a week, let alone the entire year. I had hoped to discover and maybe hone some skill behind the camera, document the year (or however long I made it) and provide some content for this here site. Little did I know that I would discover a passion, and one that I am pretty good at if I do say so myself. I have exhibited my photos in a show at my local library. I have sold some prints. I have failed, gotten up, fallen again, learned and grown.

I feel strongly about daily photography. I think that most everybody would get something out of it even if you don’t commit to a year, try a month, or a week. Sure there are days where it seems like a chore. The trick there is not to let it weigh on you. Just shoot and move on. Tomorrow’s a new day. You will capture moments, memories that you otherwise wouldn’t and those rewards are amazing!

I have crossed paths with some pretty amazing people over the last 1000 days. Some have completed projects, some have not, some have been going even longer than I have. They all have something of value to share. They have all enriched my own experience. I will not list them here (but you can find many on my sorely out of date blogroll over in the right sidebar). A hearty thank you to all of you for traveling the road with me, camera in hand.

I would, however, like to specifically thank Bryan. Bryan was the one person most responsible for giving me the push to start a 365, and he didn’t even know I existed at the time! I am proud and pleased to say that I have been ‘the Bryan’ for a few people. Be it known or unknown at the time I have given folks the nudge that set them off on their journey of daily photography. Long or short, I hope you have enjoyed your journey.

To everybody who has commented, helped me with choosing which photo to post, or even just visited. THANKS! Thanks from the very bottom of my heart. I do this crazy undertaking for me, but the responses, critique, encouragement and other interactions with you all make it so much more enjoyable! THANK YOU ALL!

On to day 1,001…

0 thoughts on “A Million Words (269/365 year 3)

  1. Let the record show that I was the superstar around here before Pat started his photo project… I was the one who prevented this site from deteriorating into a repository for Pat’s Fantasy Football updates, and even though Pat has been mostly ignoring me for 1000 days, someday I will dominate this site again.

    –Mr. Scale


  2. Pat- congrats on the 1,000. While your site wasn’t “the nudge”, it has given me inspiration during the last 315 days. You are lucky to be doing this while your kids are young, creating wonderful memories for all to share in later years. As my P365 winds down this autumn, I’ll probably convert to a P52, allowing the photography to continue and a re-start on exercise, reading books, etc. But I will keep following yours until 2,000…3,000…???




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