Fenway Park. July 9, 2011

My sister was awesome enough to invite me along to a Red Sox game on Saturday July 9. She had a table on the Right Field Roof Deck and wanted to have my parents come into a game. It had been years since they had been in to Fenway and the table seating on the deck was an ideal way for them to be able to get in to enjoy a game.

I picked them up at their place and we drove in to Boston. Met my sister right outside of Gate B and dropped my parents off. I then went and parked and we all made our way up to the table.

The weather was perfect and the game was great! Sox won 4-0 and a good time was had by all.


Sitting 450 feet away and 200 feet above home plate didn’t lend itself to much game photography, so I shot some oddball stuff between innings.

2011-07-09 037

2011-07-09 044

2011-07-09 045

2011-07-09 050

view from rf roof deck

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