Learning All Over Again (6/365)

 Project 365 // Day 6

6-365 09062011

I am learning all over again how to shoot every day. It’s not entirely natural. Today I made sure my camera was good to go, but then left the house without it. The other day I had the camera, but no memory card… I’ll get in the swing of things soon.

One thing I realized I missed not shooting every day, and sometimes manufacturing a shot every day, was playing with light. I guess that is what photography really is all about… playing with light.

I lit this shot of my daughter’s Skecher Twinkle Toe shoes with a pair of LED flashlights. I set  the camera up on a tripod in a dark room with a six second exposure and just moved the flashlights around seeing what each shot would bring.

Sometimes it did things I would expect, other times it was surprising what came out. I took about 20 exposures. This is my favorite. All is all though, it was fun.

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