Fixin’ To Die (58/365)

Project 365 // Day 58


I have always liked G. Love. My wife has always liked him a bit more.

When he recorded and released an album produced and backed by the Avett Brothers, the gap closed.

I started following G. Love on Twitter. G. Love tweeted:

 “Boston – what are you doing Friday night? Tweet “I wanna see @GLove in Boston on Friday” to enter to win tix to the show at the HOB!!!!”

As mentioned, I liked G. Love (enough to follow him on Twitter even!). The show was a Friday, I was in. I retweeted immediately.

I won the tix.

My wife and I made our way into the House of Blues and to our surprise we not only had tix to the show, but also passes to the aftershow party.


Good times all around. Just wished Garrett (G. Love)  had showed up at the aftershow. Would have liked to thank him in person.

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