Christmas 2012

The Happiest of Holiday Greetings,

Well, I guess you received our Christmas card! Hope the holidays find you well and in good spirits. All is well with the Rockland Glennons. Some of you may be wondering why there is an “extra” member of the Christmas card crew (some of you are already in the know)….

Copter is our Thai exchange student. He’s been part of the family since early November and will be with us until the end of the school year. He’s made our home and lives a bit more hectic to be sure, but also so much richer and enjoyable!

This is our first time taking in an exchange student and we weren’t even sure it was going to work out at all. John had struck up a friendship, eating lunch with Copter at school each day while Copter was in another home. As it turned out Copter wound up needing a new placement.  He wound up in a temporary placement in Whitman, but if he stayed in Whitman he would have had to change schools.

He really has enjoyed Rockland and has made a number of friends, so staying in town was high on the priority list. After initially thinking we might not have the room, we decided we could make it work. We could take Copter in. Sure, it might be a bit crowded, it might get loud from time to time, and we might all be busy… But hey, that’s a part of what family is all about!

It’s clear why the call the program an EXCHANGE. He has given us as much, or more than we could offer him. We learn from each other, have great discussions about our cultures, share new experiences and idea. What a blessing it has been!

Merry Christmas to All!

The Glennons

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