Project 365

02.02.08 My Project 365 Begins

1/365 Groundhog Day


What is a Project 365? In this case it involves me taking (at least) one picture every day for the next year and posting it to my blog. More details on the project…



I am doing this for a couple reasons. It seems like a interesting way to chronicle a year. Recording not just the extraordinary events, but day to day things that might slip through the cracks, the haircuts, the scrapes, the little victories….. Also, I hope to get better at taking pictures. If you do something every day for a year it stands to reason that you will get better at it.



I will be taking pictures with a KODAK EASYSHARE Z650. I will probably, on occasion, post pictures I take with my camera phone, a Sony Ericsson w580i. I will then upload the results to flickr and will post the picture selected to represent that day here mixed in with the rest of my posts. If you want to see them all look for the Project 365 label in the category listing. For the bare bones version you can subscribe to the flickr photo feed of my Project 365.


I hope you enjoy the results. I am sure that there will be days that the pictures are painfully ordinary, but keep an eye out for the diamonds in the rough.




I completed my journey and I have to say it was been everything I had hoped and so much more. I have written an essay on the Project and it has been published at in the amateur photography section.  Check it out.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I have chosen to continue at least another year. I have created a new set on Flickr for Year 2.

Another update is that I have sprung for a new camera. I took some Christmas money and bought a Nikon D80! I have really been enjoying learning how to shoot with a DSLR.


If you are taking part in Project 365 I’d love to hear about it – and see how you are doing. Leave a comment here or on any of my posts. I will check out your Project for sure.

And Finally, I sat down on February 4 2009 to chat a bit about my experience of taking part in the Project….  Be warned it’s 11 minutes long, but at least you can laugh at how goofy I am and how cute my daughter is.

0 thoughts on “Project 365

  1. This is the coolest idea ever! EVER!! I came over from “Jogging In Circles.” Did you come up with this idea? Can I steal it? – with the proper credit given, of course.

    Love, love, love this idea!!!

    Mimzie’s last blog post..Large And In Charge


  2. I think I might steal this idea too. I’m always pissed I don’t take pictures. So starting next week sometime, I’m ON it. Expect a Flickr link in the coming weeks if you want to check it out.


  3. I am going to follow the idea and start a page on my blog. But I think I am going to challenge myself to take a photo each day of something out of the ordinary. No normal portraits of the kids, dog or flowers. I think it will keep me looking beyond the mundane which can’t be a bad thing.

    ammeys last blog post..Can we have a drumroll please………….


  4. Enjoyed your essay and photos very, very much. In scrapbooking style, I’m beginning my Project 365 on Thursday with my new 12 mp camera. Goal: take decent pictures that aren’t blurred! I NEVER blurred with my 3.4 mp camera, rarely with the 5.0, but this 12 mp is proving a challenge. You’ve stirred some creative juices for me as far as shots to take, so I thank you for your inspiration!


  5. As a scrapbooker, I know what the best part of this project is for me. It is that often I run out of pictures, and then, I don’t want to go and take a picture of whatever just then. This project will supply me with oh so many more pictures!

    Also, it is a great way to put onto layouts things that otherwise I wouldn’t consider to be special enough to waste good adhesive on but that I cringe when I think that in a few more years I will have forgotten about it.


  6. Pat,

    Your Projct 365 blog was one of the first I started checking somewhat regularly. I’ve been taking and blogging photos for some time but you inspired me to try doing it daily. I started on my Birthday this year and am now on Day 54. I’m finding the most difficult part to be selecting just one photo a day — so I don’t always stick with just one. 🙂

    Check out Grainy Pixels at .



  7. even though i feel quite uncomfortable doing it (putting myself forward like this) i’ll take on your offer and write here about my take on the project 365:
    i’m not very far into it yet (started about a month ago i think) and it was mostly fun so far. my main problem is that i’m not very good at pushing my own boundaries: there are some subjects i’m comfortable shooting and then there are some that i’m not. i started 365 in the hope that the need of taking a photo a day would force me to face and learn to photograph these subjects that i usually shy away from.


  8. Lana,

    Being just under two months into my project, I’m finding that it forces me to think of photographs that aren’t like the others. It pushes me to think about how to capture new interesting things. Then there are days I don’t have the time and snap whatever I can. 😉

    Grainy Pixels


  9. after searching 365 project in google, curious to get in here as i thought u mean to say this project in annoyingly boring xD. but then i realized that it’s just the name of the blog, haha.

    Gonna start mine soon, thanks for sharing your experience 😀


  10. Wow. Wour pictures are interting. I enjoy looking at them, especially the kid. By the way thank you for sharing this idea bout photography. i willdefinitely apply them on taking my shots. Cheers to you.


  11. Pat: Awesome video – thanks for sharing it. I just started my Project 365 last week (couldn’t wait until 1/1/10) and some of the points you made in the video will be very helpful…most notably the fact that it is okay to have last minute scramble photos that aren’t award winners. I can definitely see that happening!

    Are you going to continue into a third year? BTW, your daughter is adorable.

    If you’d like to check out my Project 365 and comment, the URL is:

    Take care and happy holidays.



  12. Well, you’ve inspired me! And I love how you wrote an update letting us know it was all worth it. I’m gonna give it a try. I’m excited, a bit nervous too. But I think it’ll be fun at the end to see the results. : )

    Great job!!


  13. I LOVE how you described why you’re doing this. When I was just surfing other P365 blogs, and I saw your title of “Annoyingly Boring” I actually thought you were writing about how stupid this was. I was pleasantly surprised that it was the opposite 🙂

    I started doing P365 last year, but when my EHD died and I lost all my photos, it took the wind out of my sails and I didn’t finish. I did continue to take photos (as is my way) but I never blogged about it. This year is going great so far! I have no doubt I’ll be able to take photos – it’s the blogging I find the hardest to get done, lol 🙂

    Thanks for sharing – I really enjoyed looking at all your photos!! Best of luck this year! XOXO! ~Jen 🙂


  14. GREAT!!!! 2010 is just the first year I join this project, so it is very inspiring for me to read your experiences with it. 🙂

    Best wishes from the Netherlands, xMartine


  15. Hi there,

    I am doing my 365 project at the moment and have been using an awesome website to upload and share with friends. Is super modern with all the latest twitter and facebook applications which helps me to keep it going (we all know it gets pretty hard to take an interesting picture everyday). The site has a great community of fantastic photographers and is great to see lots of inspiring images from everybody every day. You can check it out on…

    and my profile is located on…

    The site i pretty new with lots of new features being developed all the time, and is set to be a huge thing in the future.

    Hope you can check it out.

    Best regards



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